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Together Lindquist Steels and Chapin & Bangs Co offer robust Value-Added Services.  Our combined experience, capabilities, and experienced personnel allow us to offer you the following services:

Precision Plate Milling

This is tight tolerance “fine milled” precision plate & block milling.  This service is faster and more cost effective than most Blanchard grinding type jobs and we are able to provide smooth clean milled surfaces to the same tolerances as a Blanchard ground product.

Precision Square Block Milling

We can square mill your order to exacting tolerances, 2 side, 4 side, or 6 sides faster and more cost effectively than you may believe.  Lindquist Steels was one of the first to offer this type of service and our experience and standards are industry leading to this day.

Laser cutting

We have multiple large bed high power high precision laser cutting machines.  These laser cutting systems are fast, accurate, and highly capable. 


For more information please contact us.

Saw cutting

Expert saw cutting on advanced & modern equipment ranging from Plate Saws, Cut-Off Saws, Vertical Saws, Block Saws, and High Speed Automatic Saws

Hi-Def Plate & Tube Cutting

We have multiple large bed “near laser quality” Hi-Def Plasma cutting systems that can cut through a wide range of thicknesses, including square & round tubing.

Flame Cutting

We have several large bed multiple torch head advanced flame cutting tables.  These machines are capable of cutting thick materials in complicated designs very cost effectively.

Waterjet Machining

We have multiple high power water-jet machining centers that are capable of machining virtually any material and design.  Our machines are capable of tight tolerances and can handle thick materials with virtually zero taper, exceptional quality and speed. 


We operate our own fleet of trucks that deliver to multiple states daily.  For orders that are outside of our daily shipping zones we have special agreements with several leading Common Carriers as well as UPS and FedEx for package shipments.

Metallurgical Support

Since our beginning in 1944 we have led the way in supporting our customers in proper material selection, technical support, failure analysis, and so much more.  We stand behind the materials we distribute and will always work hard to ensure that total satisfaction is achieved.

Heat Treating & Applied Coatings

While we do not do heat treating or coating services in-house we do work closely with several approved and outstanding contracted NADCAP certified service providers who are leading experts in their fields.  We can arrange for your material to be heat treated and/or coated to your requirements and save you time and money.

Special Stocking / Kanban Release Programs


We are always open to discussing stock & release programs and Kanban type programs with you.

For more information

please contact us.

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